I decided to start this blog in an effort to chronicle our house projects as well as anything else exciting that happens in our lives. So, here is a brief description of us to bring you up to speed.

Matt and I purchased our first home in August 2009. Since we live 1000 miles away from any family, we were not able to lean on our parents for advice and extra eyes during the home buying process. Months of house hunting and 2 turned down house offers later, we settled on a “charming” home in a very desirable part of Merritt Island.

What house, you say. Believe me, there is a house behind the foliage. (Don’t you love the PVC pipe flagpole? Classy.) So, we moved in at the end of August and began our new lives as home owners. We heard a collective sigh of relief from the neighbors when they realized that we owned 2, not 5, cars and Matt consistently wore a shirt when he left our home.

Stay tuned for details on the inside of the home! I have two words for you…hairy fan.