I like to believe that our home has charm potential. Part of the reason why I like the title of our blog is because Matt and I have to keep the dream alive. What I am about to show you may scare you and you may cry a little, just like we did. So, try not to look away and hold on tight. Welcome to our home.

No home is complete without a mysterious green light.

The pantry.

I mean, seriously, who puts an air freshener in their pantry?

Now, what you are looking at below is the grout on the tile that is throughout 65% of our place. We thought we had black grout. Until we cleaned it. Turns out the grout is an orangey-red. The black was dirt. Gross.

We have an “Florida room” that was turned into an indoor room. Unfortunately, the folks didn’t know how to do home repair so this is what the outlets look like in that room.

And now, for the grand finale. I still cringe when I look at this. Introducing, the Hairy Fan.

And because I know you want to see it up close…

They had a cat with black fur. I guess the fur got wrapped around the blades somehow? However it happened, it was the most disgusting thing Matt and I had ever seen. I wanted to just throw the fan away, but thrifty Matt took it down and cleaned it! That room still gives me the creeps.

These are just a few of our favorite special finds in our home. I’ll keep you posted with more fun finds and fixes!