When we looked at and bought the house the tile on the kitchen counter was beige as seen in the image below.

We were not wild about having a tile countertop, but the color was fine. But something just didn’t seem right. The texture didn’t feel like tile should. I just couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. Then, some wonderful friends came over to help us clean the house. They set down the pizza they brought (I said they were wonderful!) on the beige counters. A while later we picked up the box to toss it, we noticed that there was a red stain on the counters. After some investigation we came to a dreadful realization….

They had painted the counters!

And the color below was pink! (Ahem…excuse me…coral) How could we not have noticed? They had painted the tile with a latex paint that could be scratched with your fingernail. Peeling tile could now be added to the list of tasks that needed to be completed before move in (just below cleaning the hairy fan).

The result…a pink kitchen. Doesn’t it just scream “Florida”?

Here is a nice before after:

If we had known, would this have persuaded us to not buy the house? Probably not. Are we convinced that the previous owners had lost their marbles? Getting there.