I have been dreaming about redoing our kitchen since the moment I scratched that first bit of beige paint. The kitchen remodel got put on the fast track when we realized that there was a problem with the sink plumbing that had caused some serious rotting and mildew in the cabinet below the sink. The wood below the tile around the sink was rotting and the sink was, well, sinking. At this point my husband and I had discussed what options we had for a kitchen remodel within our budget. We have a large kitchen with lots of counter space, one of our favorite parts of this house. The downside to the large space is the large chunk of money that it requires to redo any part of it and I didn’t quite know what my style was. Did we want Silestone? Corian? Pricey granite?

Then it happened. I saw this woman’s kitchen and I knew that I had to have it. This was the pictures I could not stop looking at. This was my style.

(from A Country Farmhouse)

I absolutely love everything about this kitchen. The butcher block, the apron sink, the open shelving, the white cabinets, everything! I became obsessed with butcher block and farmhouse sinks. I couldn’t get enough of them!

(from HGTV)

Now I had a vision, a clear idea of what I wanted in a kitchen. Luckily for me, wood counters are one of the cheapest options out there! Unlucky for us, farmhouse sinks are probably the most expensive sink available. Then there are the other difficult decisions: What kind of faucet? What color should I paint the cabinets? Do we change the lighting in the kitchen? Do I want the island to be wood also? What kind of backsplash do we want?

But at least I had a vision now…

Stay tuned to find out what we choose!