In this post, I showed you a picture of what our pantry looked like when we moved it. But, just because, I’ll show you again!

It was just too nasty for us to even think about putting our food in. We didn’t even feel right just cleaning it up and using it as is. So, it was decided that this would be our very first project before we moved into the house. It was a great opportunity for us to test our hole filling, painting, staining abilities.

We evaluated our options for replacement shelves. Our pantry is a really strange shape. It’s actually just a big awkward corner. Wiring shelving was out because although the previous owners had let the pantry get really dirty, they did show us how ugly and almost impossible it would be to use wire shelving to fill the space. So, what other options were there? We racked our brains, but could only come up with one solution. Custom wood shelving. This actually fit our taste much better than anything that we could buy pre-made, so it was a win-win-win (for all you Office fans).

So off to Home Depot we went to buy wood, stain, seal, and brackets. Oh, and once we took out the nasty shelves, we realized that they had made about 50 (no exaggeration) holes in the walls of the pantry. So, we would have to do some serious wall repair before we could paint.  Matt got to work cutting the wood to fit the weird shape of the pantry. Then we just stained and sealed it with polyurethane! It was actually a pretty easy first project. We didn’t take a lot of pictures of the project process, but here is the finished product!

We think it turned out really great! There had been so many disgusting surprises after we bought this house. Having a clean and finished part of the house, however tiny, gave us the breath of fresh air that we so desperately needed. See, look how happy I am!