Our kitchen remodel is eminent! Everything for the kitchen has been ordered and they have arrived (just in time for the arrival of Matt’s parents!). We ended up ordering our countertops from Lumber Liquidators instead of IKEA because length issues, the sink and faucet came from Faucets Direct, and the seal from…I’m not sure where Matt got it from, but we are using Waterlox.

Here is the raw cherry butcher block:

It arrived on a semi in our little neighborhood. There were actually some dings in the wood (this apparently is common), but nothing too major.

And, now, the star of the show, the apron front sink. There was actually a little hiccup in it’s arrival. The delivery company told us it would arrive between 1 and 5, so naturally the guy calls us at 6:45 pm to get directions. Matt was telling the guy to hang a right at the next street when he heard a crashing noise through the phone. The driver tells Matt, “I have to go, I just hit a tree.” Now, for those of you who know Matt, he is a pretty calm and laid back guy (which is perfect because I am not calm…or that laid back).  From the kitchen (it’s my turn to slave), I ask Matt when the guy will be here. He replies calmly, “Well, he just hit a tree.” Of course, I start freaking out. Do we need to call 911? What should we do? Matt decides to go check it out (calmly). Dinner is on the stove and in danger of boiling over, so I can’t leave the house. I get a call about 20 minutes later from Matt. This is how our conversation went:

Matt: “Hey, we’re going to lead the trucker out of our neighborhood.”

Me: “Ok…wait, who’s we?”

Matt: “This guy Mike. He heard the crash.” (Apparently the trucker hit a low hanging branch and dented the entire top of his trailer!)

Me: “Ok…wait, where is our sink?”

Matt: “It’s in the back of Mike’s truck.”

Me: “Ok…let me get this straight. You are going to ride in a stranger’s truck with our really expensive sink in the back to lead the trucker .2 miles? Have you lost your mind?”

Matt: “Yes.”

Alright, so those last two lines weren’t exactly how it went, but the rest is correct, as is the crazy scenario. They had to lead the guy out so that he didn’t hit any other branches. The poor trucker was a little distraught. Matt and Mike (a friendly neighbor) brought the sink in a few minutes later. Here she is:

The sink looks so huge! It looks like a bathtub! I’m sure it will be everything I hoped for, even more so because of how it got to us. Because sinks, like people, are much more fun when they have a spunky history! :)

Stay tuned for Kitchen Remodel Part One – Destruction!