Continued from Kitchen Remodel Part 2.

Matt’s parents were on their way to the other side of the state for the week and Matt and I were looking dreadfully at the wood in our back room, wondering how the heck we were going to seal them properly in time for their scheduled installation the following weekend. The wood we received from Lumber Liquidators was raw cherry. When I first saw the wood, a little fear settled in my heart.  It was so pale. We had decided not to stain the wood because all the reviews said that the seal would bring out the natural color of the cherry. For the seal, we decided to use Waterlox.

It seals the wood and makes it waterproof and food safe. A great combo for the kitchen counter. Before we could start sealing, though, we had to scrape off/sand the glue that had squeezed out of the joints and fill a few of the flaws in the wood. Here is Matt putting on the first coat of Waterlox.

The wood turned out to be super purdy with the seal on! I was able to let out out that breath I was holding.

It is suggested that you apply the Waterlox with lamb’s wool. The lamb’s wool applicators were super soft, but they left fibers behind. The fibers then dried to the wood and made the wood feel rough.  So, between the second and third coat, Matt sanded the wood to get rid of the fibers. But, as careful as he was with the third coat, a few fibers remained. We still haven’t figured out how we are going to get rid of those without ruining the finish.

The whole week we had this bad boy staring us down.

I can’t wait to use my sink!