So far, I have only shown the parts of the house the most disgust us or the kitchen. Lots and lots of the kitchen. Well, folks, I thought I would give you a tour of the rest of our place. For the most part, it photographs well, but, of course, there are some really weird things in almost every room.

Here we go!

Come on in!

This is our living room at Christmas time. It looks like this now minus the wicker chairs and the Christmas accessories and plus another couch. We still can’t figure out what to do with this room.

Here is our dining room, still empty. The only change we have made to this room is removing the floral border on the chair rail.  We are currently using the dining room and living room for storage of our kitchen stuff during the remodel.

This is the office/gym. On the other side of the room we have lots of UofL posters hanging. This room has been deemed the Louisville room and will be painted red!

This is the guest bath. Yes, that is more pink tile.

The family room. These couches are new!

Here is our awkward back room. It was originally a “Florida Room” (screened in porch for all you non-Floridians) and the owners made it into an inside room to make the family room larger. They took some shortcuts and left out a few essential items such as insulation….and enclosed electrical boxes…and drywall (it’s pressed wood). However, they remembered to glue mirrors on the wall. Nice.

We are just leaving it as is for now. We close the sliding doors that lead to this room so we don’t lose A/C or heat. We have high hopes, though!

Our room. Nice and sunny.

And, our bathroom. Yes, more pink tile. It’s like the nightmare that we can’t wake up from. Also, I’m sure you noticed the mirrors. Every wall of this bathroom is covered in mirrors. It’s charming.

Here are a few shots of our backyard. It’s a great backyard, it just needs a little love. And fewer trees.

So, that’s about it! You’ve seen the kitchen, and if you can’t remember it, you’ll be seeing muuuuch more of it in the next few days. We also have another bedroom that is empty and I didn’t have a great picture of it to show you.