A part 2! Can you believe it!! I sure can’t!

So, continued from Tiling Part 1:

The grout had to dry and set up for at least 48 hours after which we could seal the grout. Matt just sprayed some of the sealer on a sponge and wiped the grout down. It was actually really easy.

Then it was time to caulk the gap between the counter and the first row of tile. We were a little nervous about this because the caulk was whiter than the grout and we didn’t want any caulk to get on our precious counters. Matt was super careful and slow.

Once he had caulked, he went back with a paper town and kinda pushed it in and wiped off any excess to give it a cleaner look.

Here’s the finished product of the tile.

It’s hard to really see the detail of the tile, especially with our junky open cabinets distracting you. But, let me tell you, it was great to finally be able to push the appliances back to where they belong. We’re almost done!!

Also, here is a look at the finished product of our new light. I was able to take a picture in the daytime with the lights on. I think it looks snazzy and much better than an exploding brass flower.  (Please ignore the ladder in the bottom right corner. I have no explanation as to why I didn’t just move it out of the way).

On another side note, we are currently in the process of looking for stone for our island. We are really hoping for carrara marble, but we are wanting to get the stone from a stone yard remnant, so we may have to go with something different. This weekend we had our first experience with a stone yard. It was pretty much everything we expected, lots of stone slabs leaning on each other all over a gravel-ly parking lot. We didn’t find what we exactly wanted, but we got an idea of how much it will all cost and what is available. This is the piece that we like the best:

It’s actually a little warmer of a color in person. We still have to check out one more stone yard in the area before we make a choice. It’s very exciting! The pink tile has an end in sight!