Remember when I planted herbs a few weeks ago? Well I promised to update you every now and then on their progress. So, here are the herbs, two weeks in.

The basil, not surprisingly, took off. Last time I grew basil it got absolutely huge. Hopefully I will be able to give away a few of these little buggers. If you want a basil plant, let me know!

I am most surprised by the sage. I have never grown sage before, so I had no idea what to expect. It has been growing very quickly and the second set of leaves already have great shape!

And, I am most excited about the parsley. I have not had much luck with parsley in the past, but these little guys seem to be doing great!

I moved them into the dining room where they now have a window sill spot to hang out and watch the neighborhood.

I have been very pleased with the way things are going with the herbs so far. There is always so much promise in new sprouts. New life without disease or insects! I can’t wait until I actually get to use them!