One of the last major changes we are making in the kitchen is the addition of open shelving. We have a very large number of cabinets in our kitchen, which is actually one of the main reasons we bought the house. On one side of our kitchen, we have a whole wall of cabinets.

When I first came across my inspiration websites, I knew that I wanted to take the top cabinets down and put up open shelving in their place. There is always the concern of will we have enough cabinets space once those top cabinets are down. Well, even with the top cabinets off, we have more cabinet space than ever, so, I think we will manage.

The first step was to take down the existing cabinets. Now, we had just installed our new wood counters and I was terrified that the cabinets would come crashing down and ding them up. Or Matt would drop the drill and bang them up. Or a screw would fall and bang the up. You get the picture. But, Matt was confident that his bulging muscles could handle the cabinets when he took them down.

He’s so strong!

All done!

Please excuse the excessively disgusting mess that my house is. We need a solution for the dumping grounds that the island has become. Every piece of paper that comes into our house finds its way onto that island.

Anyway, back to the open shelving. The wall looked as you see it in the photo above for awhile while we tiled and painted. We also had to determine exactly what we wanted for brackets and such.

We finally got around to buying the brackets (had to go to 3 different Home Depots to get them all!) and Matt got to work. He put the brackets and shelves up before we painted the wall because he didn’t want to write on newly painted walls. So, they were really only up for a few hours.

Making sure they are level! Don’t want our plates to slide off!

Something must have been really confusing or something.

Here they are! Aren’t they pretty? Now they just need some paint!

Oh, and to complete the transition to open shelving, we had to say goodbye to the plates we received when we got married. They were all different colors and quite pretty.

Unfortunately, they chipped very easily and got extremely hot in the microwave. It’s no fun having to get your plate out of the microwave with a towel! I also knew that white plates would look way better with our new shelves. I had been scouring the internet for months looking for inexpensive, high quality white dishes. And finally, the stars aligned and I found some on Crate and Barrel’s website on clearance! They had excellent reviews and the price was right.

Matt’s totally over the all white kitchen, but I know that he’ll love the finished product! Stay tuned for shelving part 2!