Continued from Open Shelving – Part 1.

I think this is one of the most exciting parts of the kitchen remodel so far.  It ranks up there with installing new counter tops. Not only was I dying to see what the finished shelves looked like, I was so ready to have my dining room back. We have been using it as storage for all of the items that are supposed to go in the cabinets that we took down. And there are only so many excuses a girl can make for not having people over to see the new kitchen.

So, I banished Matt to the pink room (not my colors) and forced him to paint shelves.

Up they go! It did take some finagling to figure out which shelves were supposed to go in what spot. My dear husband forgot to label them when he initially put them up before he painted them.

Putting the finishing touches on the paint. You can see into the dining room on the left. I wasn’t lying when I said we used our dining room for storage!

Yay! Open shelving! All painted and ready for our stuff!

I dug out all of our white serving stuff and put them on the upper 2 shelves. The bottom shelf is stuff that we use regularly. I just love it! Although, I do need to figure out what I want to put on the counter. Any ideas?