We’ve done it. We’ve finished the kitchen (for now at least). There are a few little additions and tweaks we would like to make, but all those things can wait. For now, everything is painted, put back together, installed, cleaned, done. So, before I give you the really cool before/after pictures, I thought we would take a look back on how we got to this wonderful place.

**WARNING: This post is really long with lots of pictures. Just thought you should know before you embark on this chapter of our lives with us!**

Here’s what the kitchen looked like when we moved in.

Nice beige tile, right? Soon thereafter, we discovered that the beige was actually paint hiding the salmon/coral colored tile beneath. So, we had to peel the tile, revealing the true beauty of our kitchen.

Then we painted. Our first big project in the house.

Next, it was time for some serious business. Matt’s parents came down for a visit and we destroyed our kitchen.

There’s nothing like a fresh start. They rebuilt the rotted and disgusting cabinets with clean, new, white ones.

They measured and cut our new counters, wood!

We sealed the wood, changing it from raw, whitish wood, into beautiful, rich wood.

The counters were then installed.

So was the sink.

Then our kitchen looked like this.

Next came painting the cabinets (Part 1 and Part 2),

And under cabinet lighting.

No kitchen is complete without a backsplash (Part 1 and Part 2).

Our kitchen now looked like this. I think this was when I was starting to have my nervous breakdown about the kitchen. It was taking so long to complete and I was running out of excuses what people couldn’t come over to our house. As convenient as it was, I really hated having the cabinet doors off.

We took down cabinets and created open shelving (Part 1 and Part 2).

We picked out stone and had it installed.

And, finally, we finished painting the cabinet drawer fronts.

Whew! What a trip it’s been! I really can’t believe that we are finished with the kitchen (maybe because there are still paint cans laying around and I just put the drawer fronts back on yesterday!) Stay tuned tomorrow for amazing before and after pictures!