A few hours after we bought our house, we stopped by to check it out without the previous owners staring us down. This was only the second time we had seen it completely empty, the first being earlier that day for the final walk through.  To say that the house grossed us out is a huge understatement. It was absolutely disgusting. We cleaned for 2 weeks and then moved in. Even though everything was clean there were still a couple of rooms that grossed me out.  The guest bedroom was one of those rooms. Something about the combination of ugly wall colors, ugly wallpaper border, and lots and lots of hooks just gave me to heeby jeebies.

So, we set about trying to change that this past weekend. First step, take down ugly wallpaper.

The we painted and painted and painted. That dark color on the right took quite a bit of paint to cover.  Now, the room is not completely done yet, so I can’t give you the official before/after shots, but I wanted to show you our progress.  The wall color is actually lighter than it looks the photos. It was stormy out when I was taking the pictures, so I had no help from natural light. And yes, the flooring is linoleum.

We still need window treatment, wall decor, and a few other minor dress-ups, but I love the way the room is coming together! And, a huge plus, this room doesn’t gross me out anymore! It feels soo much better now.  It’s amazing what a couple of coats of paint can do!

On the downside, Matt has sworn off any more painting for the rest of his life. I’ll have to remedy that in some way because we have most of the house still to paint. Yikes!