Remember when I told you about our dining room plans here? I was so excited about wainscoting. Well, my idea for the dining room has been tweaked a bit. I still love the light bluey/silver (plus we’ve already bought the paint!), but I’m changing the bottom. I’ve decided to take the leap and attempt board and batten. So, imagine this wainscoting, the boards spaced a little further apart, and a light blue top.

photo from This Old House

I think this will work in our dining room for several reasons. First, it satisfies my love of white. Second, our ceilings are vaulted, so the dining room has ceilings that start at 9 ft and go up to about 11 ft.  This will help to fill that space.

We are going to follow the instructions laid out in this blog. She does a really good job with step-by-step instructions on how to put up the board and batten.

So, again, here is our dining room now, minus the base boards and chair rail.

Let me know what you think of our plans!