This weekend we had some people from Matt’s work over for dinner. Since we just met these people a few weeks ago, this was not only an opportunity to show off our place to some new eyes, but it also put me in the spotlight for my cooking abilities. Now, as some of you know, I am a teensy bit picky when it comes to food. And by teensy, I mean that I don’t like a lot of things. Chunks of tomatoes, gross. Mushrooms, disgusting. Cucumbers, forget about it.   So, when people come over, I can’t feed them the normal bland food that we have on a regular basis. I have to pull out the stops. One of our favorite fail-proof guest recipes is Chicken Etouffee.

I found this recipe on  the Food Network’s website a few years ago and we fell in love with it. The only downside is that it requires a long list of ingredients and makes a huge mess. But, my friends, it is totally worth it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here are a few shots from the process:

Browning the chicken.

Making the roux.

Adding the veggies.

I serve it over some Jasmine Rice with some homemade bread! It is fabulous!

My only suggestion is to have everything already chopped, open, and ready to go. When you are making the roux, everything seems to move really fast and can burn really easily. It’s nice to not have to figure out where the heck you put that garlic.

Here’s the recipe again. Enjoy!