When we bought our house a year ago, we looked forward to a few things that we had to do without in apartment living. Among these dreams were garages and backyards. And now that we have a pretty good size backyard, we are ready to plant some veggies! Unfortunately, our close proximity to the ocean results in sand for dirt.

This means only one thing, raised vegetable boxes! So, a few weeks ago, we found a plan for a raised box that we liked and Matt skipped off to the store to buy the materials. We chose cedar as the plan suggests because it is supposed to be the most rot/pest resistant. We made our box 4′ x 8′.

Next was getting the veggies and dirt. We were both a little overwhelmed choosing dirt and what plants to buy.

The next morning, we carried the raised box from the garage to its new home in the backyard. Here it is (upside down):

Matt dug the post holes.

And I waited. Did you know that we have this really funky tree in our yard? It’s called a Ponytail Palm.

It’s one of our favorite trees on our property.

Anywho, once the post holes were dug and we had turned the box over and situated it, we covered the bottom with this wire mesh. The plan website suggested we use this to keep moles, groundhogs, and other critters from crawling up and into the box.

And then the dirt. Ooohh, the dirt. I think we used approximately 27 cubic feet of dirt for this box.

Next, the veggies and herbs. I chose green bell peppers, tomatoes (juliet and Mr. Stripey), strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, mint, basil, and rosemary.

Here are some post planting and watering pictures.

I’m a little worried about the broccoli and cauliflower. Apparently, now is the time to plant these buggers, but it’s still sooo hot here if Central Florida. They look a little wimpy during the day.

We’re also going to try to plant some sweet potatoes and pineapple, but we have to get these going from fruit at the store, so it will be a few weeks before we can plant them. I just hope this works!