When we bought our house, some of our first purchases were a lawn mower and a trimmer. The trimmer we purchased has changeable attachments and until a few weeks ago we just had the blower attachment. Now, however, we are the proud owners of the chainsaw attachment. We’re hoping that this will save us some moolah by not having to hire tree trimmers.

So, last weekend, Matt climbed a ladder, unsteadily resting on a palm tree, with an extended chainsaw in hand.

Yes, yes, our yard is huge mess, I know. But, focus on the young man climbing with the chainsaw.

It did the trick, but it is not for the faint of heart.

Matt said it was a little shaky up there.

Hopefully, he’ll only have to do that a few times a year. The problem is that the previous owners trimmed the trees zero times a year for many years.   You do that math! And then tell me when you are coming over to help pull up that mess in front of the palm tree!