This has to be one of the best Pioneer Woman recipes that I’ve tried. I know some people are a little squeamish about warm pineapple, but Matt and I love all things pineapple, hot or cold. Warm pineapple is a little strange at first, but it is totally worth it!  I had to make a few adjustments (like removing all the butter), but the concept stays the same. Here’s the Pioneer Woman’s version.

And here’s my version.  A bonus of this recipe is that it only calls for a few ingredients! Pineapple, chicken, cheese (I used Mozzarella because I had it on hand, but you can also use Monterey Jack), tortillas, BBQ sauce, and anything else you want to add to spice it up. I don’t like spice, so I omit those parts.

I use my panini press to grill the chicken and the pineapple, but you could also use a real grill. So, while that’s warming up, cut up the pineapple. There is a great instructional for this with the original recipe if you have never cut a pineapple.  Once the pineapple is in sections, stick a skewer in them. This is not necessary, but it makes it easier to turn the pineapple without getting your hands all messy.

Then, throw ’em on the “grill”.  You’ll want to occasionally turn them. Mine don’t really get grill marks on them, but I can tell when they are getting warm and juicy when they get a little darker yellow.

While the pineapple is cooking, stick the chicken in a ziploc bag and flatten it.  Then, I just season them with salt and pepper, but you can add some extra spice if you want to raise the temperature.

When the pineapple is done, grill the chicken, brushing on barbecue sauce while it’s cooking.

Once the chicken is done, you can cut up the chicken and pineapple and assemble your quesadilla.  Mine goes like this: tortilla, a little cheese, chicken, pineapple, barbecue sauce, a little cheese, tortilla.  You can also add jalapeño slices if you want.

Then, I pop it into my quesadilla maker (thanks, Mom!).

You can also use the panini press or grill for this also. I just happen to have a specialized little gadget that makes it look like this when it’s done.

And that’s it! Quick, easy, and yummy! Enjoy!