I’m back again with another fall craft tutorial, the burlap wreath. I got this one from somewhere else and modified a bit. This is not just a fall-only wreath, but burlap seems autumn-esque to me.  The original idea for this wreath came from Emily at Jones Design Company.  Which, by the way, she has some really cute projects on her blog!

To make this wreath, you will need the following: a cheap-o wreath (can be foam or wicker, like mine. I got it at the dollar store!), burlap, string/twine, large needle, a hot glue gun, and embellishments.


You first need to cut the burlap into long strips about 4″ wide. Emily suggests the strips be 70″ long, but that all depends on the size of your wreath. I didn’t measure my strips, but I do know that my piece of burlap was not long enough to accommodate the length I needed.  So, I just joined pieces together until I got the look I wanted.

Take one (or however many you need) strips of burlap and wrap the wreath, completely covering it. Since I used a wicker wreath, I just hot glued the burlap in several places to secure it to the wreath. I also made sure the ends were nice and secure. Be very careful when hot gluing burlap. You can burn your fingers very easily!


Next, sew along the edge of a strip of burlap with the twine/string. You will need to tie the end to the burlap (instead of making a knot) to ensure that it stays in place.


Once you get the the end of your piece of burlap, pull the string to gather the material. I gathered the burlap until I got the look I wanted and then placed it on the wreath to make sure I had the desired length of gathered material.


Hot glue the burlap into place.


Flip over the wreath and repeat (sew, gather, place, hot glue).


Then, just trim the strands and the edges of the wreath to get the look you want.


Then add some embellishments and you’re done!  I pinned on a scrunched up fabric flower and a little bit of brown material to make it look more fallish.


What’s great about this wreath is that you can swap out the embellishments to match the seasons! Happy Fall!