Ok, so probably not what you think. No, we are not selling our house. We are moving to a new web address! We are now at:


How official is that?

Why the move, you ask? Well, we love WordPress. It is actually a phenomenal free blog. But, we are limited in what we can do to improve the look of the blog and make it the best experience for you.

One of the best parts of this new blog is bigger pictures! You will now be able to see all of our projects and adventures in greater detail!

There will also be some new features at the new website. We’ve added some new pages so that you can more easily find our projects and repairs. We also added a “House Tour” page with all of our completed house projects.

All in all, it will give us more freedom in the future. We’re super stoked!

So, if you are subscribed to us in Google Reader or any other feed reading program, make sure you change your feed settings to:


I’ll keep this up on the WordPress blog for a little bit, and then the old website will direct you to the new one.