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I am on a never-ending search for cheap, homemade art. While I love the look of real art from real artists, I don’t love the high price tag that accompanies their pieces. So, when I stumbled on this tutorial from Emily at Jones Design Company, I knew I had to give it a shot.

I gathered my materials and followed her instruction. And I hated the results. Her picture looks so cute and put together. Mine looked bubbly and like my six year old brother made it.

So, I decided to take this idea and change it up a little bit. The main problem I had with her design was that I couldn’t get the glue all the way under the middle of the artwork without completely messing up my puzzle of pages. I thought it would be so much easier to glue down one piece at a time. Here’s what I did.

**Please excuse the photos in this post. We have an ancient camera and I have to do my crafts at night because I work and I have to feed my husband. Bad camera + poor lighting = horrible pictures and lots of shadows.**

I gathered materials. A book, some Mod Podge (Matte), a cheap-o paint brush, and a blank canvas (I used 11×14). You can purchase all of these things from your local Wal-Mart if your local craft store is far away and you just can’t bring yourself to drive over an hour round trip. *Sigh*

I choose To Kill a Mockingbird because it is one of my favorite books of all time. Now comes the hard part. You have to rip the pages out of the book and tear them to pieces.

I love books. I felt like I was committing a sin destroying this book. But, I bought a new one so I wouldn’t destroy my old, high school required reading copy. Ideally, I would have gone to the thrift store and bought a really cheap one, but I just wasn’t up to it.

This was a small paperback and I got about 3-4 pieces out of each page.

Pour the Mod Podge into a smaller container and start applying it to the canvas. I just focused on one piece at a time. I would put a little Mod Podge on the canvas, stick on a page piece, and then paint the Mod Podge over it.

Make sure all of the edges are covered, flat, and not bubbly.

I started out sparse all across the canvas, giving each section time to dry.

Here’s what it looked like when it was done.

I wanted these to be more white than book page colored and I didn’t want to focus to be the pages. I just wanted them to be part of the artwork, so I spray painted them white. They looked cool without the paint, so they could most certainly remain as is.

Since my plan is to put these into the dining room, I chose some images that would be appropriate and printed them on a clear, full page label.

The I cut them out and stuck them in the middle of the canvases. Just to make things stick correctly, I Mod Podged right over top of these also. Here’s how they came out:

I really like the way they turned out and I have more plans for these to share with you. So, stay tuned!


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