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As the kitchen remodel comes to an almost close, my eyes are turning towards the adjoined family room that needs a little love. We have already started redoing this room and buying some of the accessories that will make it homey. But, I wanted to put together a mood board for you so you can get an idea of where we are going with this room.

Here’s what the room looked like right after we moved it and painted.

Here is the plan for this room.

You can see that the color scheme is on the top of the picture.  Most of the items are actually from Target (pillows, art, throw), the lampshade is from Wal-Mart, the rug from West Elm, and the couches from a local furniture store that was going out of business.  I think that we are going to replace the ceiling fan with another ceiling fan, but that hasn’t been ultimately decided yet.

Let me know what you think!

(Stay tuned tomorrow for the finishing touches on the cabinet painting project and later this week, Open Shelving – Part 2!)


This title made me think of the book “Holes”.

Great book. The movie was not so great, but the book was one of my favorites in grade school. Anyway…back to the post.

Matt and I have had the idea to mount our television on the wall since we moved into this house. The family room where our TV lives is a little awkward and there isn’t a definite place our little friend. So, we decided, in an effort to make the most of our space, we would mount the TV on the most out of the way wall. We also thought it would be a great idea for the TV to be able to swing out and around so that we could watch TV from the kitchen (mostly so that Matt will have something to watch whilst he does the dishes!). It also seemed like a cheap alternative to getting a new entertainment center.  We priced out the mounts and Matt decided that the best option would be to buy online. The order was placed and the waiting began. The items arrived and systems were a “go” for Project Put TV on the Wall. Now, to give you a little back story, this was the weekend before we would have lots of people over to see our house for the first time. The plan was for me to head out to shop for all the little things we needed to make our house seem homey (read – not gross and empty) and Matt would begin on the TV.

So, on my way home from an extremely long shopping trip, I called Matt to see how the progress was going. In short, Matt told me that he had cut the hole for the mount, but didn’t have the correct materials to complete the project and he would finish it later, maybe in a few weeks. So, after I just spend hours buying things to make our house seem homey, my husband was telling me that we would most likely have a gigantic hole in our family room for the party. Fabulous.

So after a few minutes of pleading with him to drive to Home Depot to see if they had the cable (he was certain they did not), I felt only slightly better about the situation.

Well, it turns out Home Depot DID sell the cable he needed. Lesson learned, don’t always trust the interweb for store stock info. I could get back to stressing about other stuff for the party. Our weekend progresses and Matt is up in the attic with his little miner’s light running cable from the  TV on one side of the house to the antenna on the other. All of a sudden I hear a crashing noise. I start frantically running around the house looking up at the ceiling and yelling for Matt’s location. I hear his voice, a little too clearly, coming from the bedroom. When I get there, this is what I find:

Matt had slipped up in the attic (he was fine) and put his foot through the ceiling of our bedroom. Awesome. There was just no way I could get around having a hole in the drywall of our house for this party. Luckily, it was in our bedroom and on the 12 foot end of the ceiling near the door, so hopefully no one will notice, right? (Oddly enough, Matt’s dad did the exact same thing at their house a few months ago. And I mean exact, it was even in the same room! I’m hoping that this is just a one time deal and not actually in Matt’s genes!)

After all the holes were made and all the work was done, it was great to have the TV mounted with zero cords showing. I guess sometimes it is just 1 step forward, 2 steps back! (Sorry for the really crappy pictures. I took them at night.)

Watch as the TV pulls out and away from the wall.

And in a move that shocks and awes, turns toward the kitchen, allowing the kitchen slaves to view Project Runway (or whatever the popular TV choice is at the time!). Of course, the TV doesn’t do this on it’s own. Someone (another one of our slaves) has to go over and manually move it. It’s super cool and we love it. I think it was totally worth having a hole in our bedroom ceiling!

We knew the minute we moved into the house that we needed to change something, to feel like we were making progress on this mess of a house. So, what’s the easiest, cheapest fix? Paint! The first room on our list was the kitchen/family room because it is the most used room in the house. The only problem with this room was that one of the walls was “textured.” The texture job was terrible. It looked as though they had prepped the wall for something to be adhered to it and just left it. It was plasticy and gross.

So, we decided that the only way to get rid of the texture was to sand it down. Oh contraire. The texture melted and gooped all over the sander and considering we were borrowing a friend’s sander, we didn’t want to ruin it. Plan B. Scrape it off? That didn’t work too well either. So as we were pondering our next move I started looking at what was below the little bit that had been sanded down. It seemed pinkish and…wait a second, that’s not drywall! They had, get this, textured over textured wallpaper. But, as crazy as they had been, the wallpaper actually made our job of getting rid of the texturing a little easier. We scored the walls and used our borrowed steamer to try to get some moisture behind the thick blanket of texture goop. And it worked! We were able to easily peel away the wallpaper with the gross texture all in one piece! There was only one tiinny problem. The wallpaper was ancient and left behind that thin brown adhesive paper.

No big deal, we thought. We’ll just steam that bad boy right off too! NOT! Now what? We tried plain water, that stuff you spray on wallpaper to make it loosen up, just picking it off with our fingernails (the scraper got a little aggressive and tried to take off the brown paper and some of the drywall, we had to give it a time out). Nothing was working. (We actually lived with it like you see in the picture above for about a month. We got used to it, but I’m sure everyone who came in to our house was grossed out.) My momma suggested that we use fabric softener and water. It worked like a charm. The key was to keep the brown paper really saturated with the water/fabric softener combo and then use a plastic scraper to remove the adhesive.

This break in the wallpaper code gave us the encouragement we needed to finish this project and stop the grossing out our guests. So, we gathered our tools and our stamina, finished scraping the wall and gave it a good coat of drywall mud. I immediately had to try out my paint colors, of course.

I was so proud of the work we did on this wall. But, sadly, we weren’t quite done with this room yet. We knew that there was a beautiful calla lily wallpaper border that needed to be removed (not only was it ugly, but they had put it up upside down!). So, Matt borrowed a huge ladder from a friend and got to work with the steamer (can you notice a trend with all of our tools used on this project?).

We were not surprised when we discovered that there was not one layer of border up, but three. Why take down wallpaper when you can wallpaper over it, texture over it, or paint over it? The eternal question.

We were finally ready to paint. I had a hard time choosing colors for this space because I felt limited by the pink tile. So in the end, I decided on a cream for the kitchen and green for the family room.

It’s a good thing Matt is tall!

Here are some before and after shots:







Please ignore the lack of window treatment. We removed the peach vertical blinds and hadn’t put anything else up yet!

It felt so much better to have painted one room of this crazy house! Now we can breathe a sigh of relief that we are, in fact, competent enough (or at least we have the courage to try!) to fix up this house and move on to the next project. Now…what to do next?

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