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Sorry for the lack of posts the past couple of days. Matt and I have both been sick with colds!

But, even though we are sick, we were able to put up the light over the breakfast nook. I ended up buying the one from LampsPlus. We got it in earlier this week and it has just been sitting on the floor staring at us. I finally convinced Matt to put it up!

(I want to apologize in advance for these pictures. Most were taken without flash and it was nighttime. To add to the poor quality, we had to turn off the power in that part of the kitchen for Matt to install the light, so there were no overhead lights to help my pictures!)

I haven’t talked about the breakfast nook light on this blog yet.  It is the most hideous light fixture in our house, and that’s saying something. After our initial gasps of horror, I just accepted it and ignored it. Or tried to, for the most part. What’s funny is that some people, who had not seen our house, wouldn’t comment on it because they didn’t know if we had picked it out! They didn’t want to offend us for having horrid taste. So, without further adieu, here it is:

It looks a little like an exploding brass flower. It also has paint drips on it where the previous owners had painted the ceiling or something and failed to cover up the light fixture.

A recent addition to this light is this:

Yes, it is a Chiquita Banana sticker. You need a back story for this one. My grandparents have hanging light over their kitchen table. My grandfather loves putting these stickers on the light. I thought it was kinda cool as a kid that there he had collected all those stickers! And then, I grew up and realized how silly it was. The other day Matt was eating a banana with the sticker on it and I told him the story. He thought it was hilarious. A few days later I was eating at our table and looked up to find the sticker on the ugly light. It made me laugh and miss my grandparents. So, we kept it there until it was time to take the light down.  It’s those little things that make me really miss home.

So, back to the post.

We said goodbye to the flower light and the plastic medallion attached to the ceiling (I was really worried that there was going to be a big hole or something terrible that they had covered up with the medallion, but I was pleasantly surprised that no such thing existed).

As you can see, there is a difference in color where the medallion was. The color below the medallion is a creamy color. The rest of the ceiling is…blue. That’s right, the kitchen/family room ceiling is light blue.  Just something else we have to do!

There’s the new light!

I really don’t have a great picture of the final product. But, hopefully by the end of this weekend we’ll have some rockin’ “almost finished” kitchen pictures!


It’s time to light the nook. Since discovering that my style is Country Cottage, I have become a tiiiny bit obsessed with looking up Country Cottage kitchens. My focus lately has been on lighting, particularly for our breakfast nook. I have decided on a basic style, but I don’t exactly know which chandelier I want yet. Here are the ones that I have found so far that tickle my fancy (imagine these all without the little shades):

From Overstock:

From LampsPlus:

From Lowes:

My favorite so far one is the second one from LampsPlus. What do you think? What lighting will encompass my style and mesh with my country cottage kitchen?

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