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Sorry for the lack of posts recently. This is partly because we’ve been running around crazy and partly because our house has looked like this:

While it has been a wonderful thing to finally have lots of our house stuff ordered and delivered, unpacking and putting things together sure does make a big mess!

So, whats new? Well, let me fill you in.  Last week, we said goodbye to the last reminder that our kitchen used to be covered with salmon colored tile and graciously welcomed beautiful stone into our home. That’s right, the kitchen island top arrived! And it’s beeeaaauutttifuul!

I absolutely love it. It really is a huge step in our kitchen transformation. And to complete the transformation, I spent my weekend painting that dag gum island and the drawer fronts.

Matt was working on this wall, which, I am embarrassed to say, has looked like this since mid-February.

Did you know that Matt is a super fast painter? He is. Here’s the proof.

The kitchen will be complete this week. After 3 months of working hard and then slackin’ and then working hard again, I will be able to show you our finished kitchen! Stay tuned!


An attempt to discover the true color of our tile.

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