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As most projects go, destruction is quick work. Rebuilding, is, well, rather slow, especially when you have two engineers working on it. Matt and his dad jumped into the destruction on a Friday and by Saturday morning they were ready to rebuild. Almost.

Let me give you a little more information. The part of the kitchen that needed to be destroyed and rebuilt was the section with the sink and the bar. When we were figuring out how to replace that part of the cabinet (remember, we are first timers!) we discovered that the cabinet length was a couple of inches shorter than the standard. So, we couldn’t just buy stock cabinets and pop them in, there would have to be an adjustment made. This, and the rest of the project, requires many tools.

Back to the story. Matt’s dad had asked Matt what kind of tools he had so he could get a good idea of what we needed to buy and what he could bring with him on the visit. Matt told him that he had just the basics. Well, I guess “just the basics” means something completely different to a newbie than it does to a veteran. The poor kid didn’t even have a wrench! So, off to Home Depot the duo went to gather supplies and tools. Then it was back to work!

They put up the new drywall and started building the base for the cabinet. The sink we ordered is cast iron and the cabinet below needs to support 300 lbs! The guys beefed up the cabinet base to help support the weight.

After talking it through once, or twice, or 30 times, they added the adjusted cabinet.

Originally, our time table was to destroy on Friday/Saturday, rebuild the cabinet Saturday morning, cut the counters on Saturday day, and put the first coat of seal on Saturday night. But, as usual, this was nowhere near what really happened. The fast Friday demo gave me false hope. But, as Saturday rolled around, I could tell that the boys were slow moving. Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing. They are both intelligent people who like to think things through before they dive in. Not a bad thing. It just makes me nervous and I have to occupy myself so I am not constantly asking Matt why it is taking so long! The picture above is what the kitchen looked like on Sunday morning.

Finally, on Sunday, they started measuring and cutting the wood. Now, up to this point, everything they had worked on could easily be replaced by running to Home Depot. The wood, however, was from the other side of the country and currently out of stock. They had one shot. And, of course, they nailed it.

Now the tricky part, cutting the hole for the sink (well, I don’t know if it was really the tricky part. The mitered cuts were pretty tricky too).

They made it work! I actually didn’t get to look at the sink sitting in its place because they finished it late Sunday night (I was asleep) and Monday morning (I was at work). Matt had to take off half a day Monday to finish the job before his parents left.

So, this is the situation on Monday morning. All the cuts are made. The joints have been…joined. The wood has been transported to our back room and awaits seal. We have until Friday to completely seal the wood so Matt and his dad can install them on Saturday.

We have a busy week ahead of us!


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