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Yes, you read that correctly. I had a scrapbook day. A couple of my friends have wanted to start scrapbooking and didn’t know where to start. So, since I have all kinds of crazy scrapbooking equipment and loads of paper, I invited the girls over for a scrapbook day. I even cleaned my house for them and set out all my stuff.

(photo note: Do you see that gingerbread man balloon in the background? He is from our Christmas open house in mid-December. That’s right, he’s still around. Matt won’t let me get rid of him. He’s like part of the family now.)

And, if I do say so myself, my open shelving is looking fine in this next picture. Love it!

The day turned out to be crazy fun. We gabbed and shared our memories. It was great.

Look how busy they are! I actually forgot to take an action shot until Evelyn was packing up to leave, so I made her sit back down and pretend to work so I could get this picture. She is seconds away from cracking up.

Here is Evelyn. She has never scrapbooked a day in her life. She thought she would be totally bored by it. As it turns out, she is a natural. She was working on pages from her son’s birth and a few months after. Great job, Evelyn!

Here is Paola, also a newbie at scrapbooking. She is expecting her first baby in August so she is doing a pregnancy scrapbook. Those letters you see in the title of her page, she meticulously cut them out! Go, Paola!

I had a blast, girls! Hopefully we will have many more of these days in the future!


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