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When we bought our house, some of our first purchases were a lawn mower and a trimmer. The trimmer we purchased has changeable attachments and until a few weeks ago we just had the blower attachment. Now, however, we are the proud owners of the chainsaw attachment. We’re hoping that this will save us some moolah by not having to hire tree trimmers.

So, last weekend, Matt climbed a ladder, unsteadily resting on a palm tree, with an extended chainsaw in hand.

Yes, yes, our yard is huge mess, I know. But, focus on the young man climbing with the chainsaw.

It did the trick, but it is not for the faint of heart.

Matt said it was a little shaky up there.

Hopefully, he’ll only have to do that a few times a year. The problem is that the previous owners trimmed the trees zero times a year for many years.   You do that math! And then tell me when you are coming over to help pull up that mess in front of the palm tree!


When we moved into our house, one of the biggest eye sores in our front yard was a rubber tree.  Apparently the story about this tree is that the previous owners of our home had a struggling indoor ficus plant like this one.

Cute, right? Since it wouldn’t grow inside, they had the brilliant idea to plant it in the front yard to see if it would get a little boost from the Florida sunshine. Well, it got a boost alright. And, without any kind of trimming or containment, the little plant turned into this monstrosity.

It overtook two palm trees, an oak tree, and various other foliage. It is a fast growing, sunlight loving plant. And it is ugly.  Check out how big the leaves are!

So, we vowed to remove this thing. Matt just wanted to cut it back a little see how it looked, but once we realized how aggressive it is, it was decided to just remove the whole dang tree.

Matt also vowed to take down the whole tree by himself, except for the trunk, which we will have professionally removed. And little by little, branch by branch, my honey has kept his promise. Almost every weekend, he grabs his saw and takes down a bit of the tree.

The only upside of this tree is that the wood is actually fairly soft. Matt has actually taken down each branch with just a handsaw.

He borrowed the neighbor’s chainsaw to cut the branch up into 4ft sections once it’s on the ground.

Here’s what the tree looked like this past weekend.

To give you a good idea of the difference, here is a side by side of then and now:

Slow and steady! Here’s a little video of the tree removal action:

Matt said it will take a few more weekends and we will be ready for the stump guys! I think we will have a block party celebrating the removal of this thing. The whole neighborhood is cheering us on!

On another note, I wanted to share a picture with you.

This bad boy was hanging out by the door at my work. Yay Florida.

Some of Matt’s college friends came to visit us for a weekend so, naturally, we put them to work. Our front yard is an overgrown mess. Since we live in Florida, everything grows faster and with much more vigor than the foliage we are used to in the Midwest. When we moved into the house there were 13 trees in the front yard alone including a pine tree that was planted directly in front of the house blocking the view from the street and our view from our dining room window. So, when two young and eager men (and a fabulous wife!) arrived at our doorstep, Matt knew that he had to take action. It was time to cut down the pine. Luckily for us, our friends Dlo and Momo (don’t judge us because we have weird names for our friends) jumped at the opportunity to have a man’s weekend. Of course, we didn’t fully think this through and we happened to have the tree falling on the same day as the neighborhood yard sale. Lots and lots of people were walking and driving up and down the street, slowing down to see what the youngsters were up to. This proved to be a little nerve wracking, but we also got to meet a lot of the neighbors who were cheering for us and happy to see that we were making an effort to clear the yard.

Here is Momo, taking the first swings at the tree to “make a wedge in the front so we can just cut it down and push it from the back.”

Dlo was in charge of making sure the tree fell towards the street and not on our house or cars.

Here you can get an idea of how big this tree was. Yikes!

“Matt, you cut it and we’ll just pull it towards us!”

At this point, the action slowed a bit. It turns out that the tree was made of a much harder wood than these boys anticipated. So, we were excited and ready for the tree to fall, but we had to wait about 20 minutes longer than we thought because it took a longer time to cut through the back of the tree. While they were doing this I was in the street with Momo’s wife, Ashley, trying to keep cars out of the area directly in front of our house. I was really convinced that the tree, which was leaning towards our cars, was going to smash into something major.

But, with a cracking noise and a “pull a little harder guys”, the tree came tumbling down, in exactly the direction they hoped for.

Triumph! We cheered and our neighbors looked at us funny. Oh well, this goes down as a victory, the beginning of the end to a jungle yard.

Now…how do we get the remains of this big tree out of our front yard?

Later that night, Matt and I, along with our buds Momo and Ashley, went to an 80’s themed birthday party. Seeing as we were all born in the mid-80’s and have no recollection of the attire at the time, we just had to wing it based on what we had seen in movies and online. I think we did a pretty good job!

He bought an ax.

So, he had to cut down a tree.

It was the smallest tree in our yard.

But, none the less…

he cut it down!

I’m so proud!

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